[english] interview with kcal gomes

A truly procession went to Campinas is not, is Paulínia on November 14, 2011.
They passed a true test of endurance, rain, mud, hours travelling followed by a long walk up to the yard epic.
The cult was the last event of that night, San Patton seems to attract rain when he comes out here. As occurred in 2009, the stage producers moving into the pulpit to dry all instruments.

A chorus echoes the mantra faithnomoriano: PORRA, CARALHO!, Claim the faithful ones.
After a long wait, and attending their prayers, the show finally begins.

But then a mysterious figure appears on stage, cloaked in the mantle of Pernambuco, sunglasses, carrying the sacred book and a drink canonized by the saints.

My name is Kcal Gomes. I’m a poet, cultural activist and book dealer!
In all modesty, I came from Pernambuco.
Brother-in-law is not a relative, settle accounts is not a profit garantee.
Not all snoring is fucking Rock
Not all insane one is one flew over the cuckoo’s nest

When I was born, an crazy angel told me ‘you shall live in the wrong place to do the right thing! ”
Tired of complaining, porra-caralho!, I scraped together books over  15 years and I opened a library.
Today, we have a collection of 20,000 books – is so many fucking books!
Activities with music, poetry, literature, crafts and other niches.
In spite of all, they closed our library.
But they don’t know  artist is done with the same small lizard’s tail raw material.   When I return to Recife, the library will reopen.

The Art and Culture  can’t die – son of a bitch!
Social work is a team sport;  stop complaining, the government doesn’t care about us!
Son of a bitch! – Each book is a manumission, starts with you!

He announces the Faith No More, and the epic show lasts for more than 1 hour.

This nostalgic memento is almost inevitable, and many of you might wondering until now: But who is Kcal Gomes? What is his relationship with this Faithnomoriana sect?
The answers may be here in this interview he gave us.
Do the signs of the cross, stop complaining and take note of the wise words of Kcal Gomes.

Kcal Gomes prophesies and also repeats the mantra: Change ... Porra,Caralho!

PattonFans: Your project has a few years, but many of those who were in the SWU Festival had a first contact that night. How did you handle with that audience that was caught by surprise with your message? What were the positive contributions of that night?
Kcal Gomes: Since I was a teenager, I’ve believed that the culture and the art, through information are able to change the world.  I know this process is slow, but I really believe that with lot of willingness, respect and love for fellow man it is possible.  In fact, I was already waiting this weird behavior of some people on SWU festival, because some people saw poetry as a futile thing, but, I´m proving that the best way to obtain something is showing to the world without fearing criticism. Besides the five wine bottles that I brought from band backstage, divulged my poetry and my social work and had the proud to share the stage with wonderful people. Not even here in Recife I was so respected. Yesterday, we reopened the “Livroteca” (a kind of library) thanks to a contract that we made after SWU.

PattonFans: SWU festival has sustainability as one motive, and another social projects were there in the festival ( Bacarelli’s Coral da Gente that was on stage with  faith no more too). Did you have time to know other projects? What are the benefits from this kind of event to projects like yours?
Kcal Gomes: Yes, Faith no More guys and I went to Institute Baccarelli and I was impressed with the project structure. When my project get bigger, I want it to be just like Baccarelli’s Institute. Events like SWU help awaring people and integrate social projects. Too bad there is few events like SWU.

PattonFans: In “A Mão e a Luva” (“The Hand and the Glove”), you tell your passions are poetry and music. Did you already know Faith no More? The interaction between you and the band , specially with the singer, was of  someone who had a long time relationship with them… 
Kcal Gomes: I already knew the band  music  . Actually  I have a Faith no More vinyl that I got when I  traded a self-help book  for their record when I was a teenager. It was one of the best trades of my life, because   self-help books are good only for publishers.

PattonFans: Still about the concert, the poetry that you read with Mike (Patton, Faith No More  singer) was about changes. Do you believe Brazil is finding itself and having more respect for the reading?
Kcal Gomes: Yes… Because of the artists,  appearing of popular library  and social webs people are slowly becoming less selfish and less prejudiced. We are on the edge of a popular revolution.

PattonFans: Was there any participation of Faith No More guys in the choosing of the read message?
Kcal Gomes: No. When I show the poem “change” to Mike, he said yes to it promptly. Then I asked him if he wanted to read the poetry with me, and the crazy guy (Patton) said yes! This happened a few hours before the concert! Then, in the van on the way to the concert I had the idea to enter the stage with Pernambuco`s flag around my face. Then Mike called their manager and they decided that I was going to open their concert. I had to drink 2 bottles of wine to be able to face the responsibility to open the concert of a historic band for almost one hundred  thousand people.

Livroteca: Kcal Gomes and kids

PattonFans: “The artist is made with the same small lizard´s  tail   raw material…” the renewal, the regeneration process is something that only arts can provide. And now we are back to changes. What are the solution that arts can offer to the community?  
Kcal Gomes: ” Art has the power to enrage all creation  and turn them into uncontrollable monsters.”  The society and the govermment still saw the inner city residents as miserables. But I saw them as a artists´ barn. There is one excerpt of one of my poems that reported this:

Every miserable has a talent;
maybe you have a good one.
Every mercenary has one karma.
I don´t know! What´s the cost of a soul?

Faith no More and Kcal Gomes, Instituto Baccarelli

PattonFans: Lots of little “livrotecas” were opened in Brazil´s shantytowns, but it seems there is still a lot of bureaucracy when talking  about continuance of important and constructive ideas to the society. Was it reopned? What are the main problems that projects like yours are facing to keep alive?
Kcal Gomes: In my town I did something that in more than five hundred year the govermment wasn´t able to do, because they are trying in vain, they close a place of popular information because it´s a risk, because a informed people don´t accept being aggrieved.  We  reopened “Livroteca” for the third time  in seventeen years. Our hardest difficult is the lack of volunteers and  contributors who believe that the social work is a collective sport.

PattonFans: “Sometimes I ask myself what is the purpose for one miserable person to join money for buying books and then lend them, and I still didn’t got the answer”. You tell this on your documentary. Have you find any answer?
Kcal Gomes: I’m still waiting for the answer, but I prefer to do my work than to be a mere  viewer.

PattonFans: You and your “Livroteca” have a site?
Kcal Gomes: Our site is under construction.

[His blog is second that by PattonFans, its a co-creation with Cleide Farias and artwork made by Carolina Terehoff Merino. Its structure is being updated, but the access is already allowed : http://otraficantedelivros.blogspot.com]

PattonFans: And what are the next steps in this journey  for finding the glove?
Kcal Gomes: The glove I have just find! I just have to get some weight so the glove can fit in my hand.   “Money doesn´t bring happiness, but it´s impossible to be happy with an empty stomach.”   

PattonFans: How the interested ones could cooperate with your project?
Kcal Gomes: We accept donations, toys, school materials, office materials or money for rent, water, light etc…  Interested ones must send emails to:  livrotecab@gmail.com.

And as well said Kcal at the end of this interview: “Hasta la victória!” (‘Till the victory!)

Thanks to Kcal Gomes, and to the sect (Faithnomoriana and Pattonism) adepts Cleide Faria, for translating to Spanish, Alline Katyuza and Renata Diegues for helping us by reviewed the english translation.


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