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Obscure No More No longer just a cult favorite, Faith No More and theirinteligent brand of metal are seeping into the popconsciouness.

Steven Blush

If you asked Axl Rose, Metallica’s James Hetfield or even Def Lepperd vocalist Joe Elliot they’d tell you that the future of rock isFaith No More. Their trademark blend of metal power riffs and texturedarrangements embellished with tasteful rap vocals,has made this San Francisc Bay Area quintet one of the mostcrittically acclaimed outfits of 1990. And now that theirlateste release, The Real Thing, is gaining mass acceptance – over100,000 units sold at press time – Faith No More have become a force to be rockoned with.They’ve certainly come a long way since their origins as Faith NoMan, a forgettable early-80s post-punk ensemble indebted to beKilling Joke/Chrome school of sonic assult. With the addition ofsick axeman Jim Martin and vocalist Chuck Mosley, they alteredthe name, and release We care a lot, their 1985 debut albumon the indie Mordam label. this led to their consequent signing withbob Bigg’s Slash Records, and 87s Introduce Yourself’s reworkingof We Care a Lot, FNM’s firts and only foray into new wave dance12-inch hell.Despite magnificent press (NME, Sounds, Kerrang! cover stories) and asolid fan base, Faith No More seemed relegated to cult status.After Mosley’s eventual deperture because of long-standingpersonal problems, the band – Martin, drummer Mike Bordin, bassistBill Gould and keyboard player Roddy Bottum – hooked up with heartthrob crooner Mike Patton, best known as the voice behind a Juvenille, Chili Peppers-inspired outfit called Mr. Bungle.This past year has been a whirlwind for Faith No More. On the road virtually nonstop since May 89 – highlighted by a West Coast arenajaunt supporting Metallica, and a three-month nationwide tourwith Voivoid and Soundgarden – Faith No More have finally achievedpopuplar appeal and industry respect (as evidenced by their recentGrammy nomination).  read more

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